It’s a little overwhelming trying to find the right tools to use when you start your personal training business. There are waaaay too many tools to use to just book in. clients, let alone track measurements and workouts.

I’ve definitely been there, using different tools, switching back and forth and ultimately annoying clients. Truth is, there’s not a single tool you can use that is perfect, you have to instead, just stack different tools together and sync them up to have the best tech stack available.

These are what I’ve been using for a while, and I’ll explain why I use them too.

1. Scheduling - PT Minder

PT Minder tracks clients sessions, syncs to stripe and manages my calendar. If people buy packages of sessions, this is an easy way of knowing how many they’ve done and have left. It comes with an easy to use app as well for on the go adjustments.

Sign up here:

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2. Client Progress - Kahunas

I use this to track client progress, like photos, weight and other health markers. They check in daily and weekly to this app which allows for me to adjust anything moving forward. On top of that, I create their workouts for them to track on here as well as their diet and supplements. Available on iOs and android again.

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3. Management - Notion

A lot of my back end ideas, tasks, finances, content, notes and second brain is run through this. For clients that don’t use the app, I use Notion to log their weights and workouts so we know what we need to do next week to progress.

Download on iOs, Android or desktop:

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4. Emails and communication - Convertkit